Kruisemode - Don’t Be a Fool

Production: The InHouse

Artist: Kruisemode

Producer: Gabe Harden

Co-Directors: Gabe Harden and Blake Horn

Co-Directors of Photography: Blake Horn and Gabe Harden

Edit/Color: Blake Horn and Gabe Harden

Gaff/Grip: Dylan Endyke, Alex Litke, Travis Rainey

Production Assistant/Transportation: Zeke Spector


Boy: Miles Giordani

Mother: Yettive CJ B

Father: Salvatore Denaro

Special Thanks to:

Fiodhna and Ernie Giordani

Yestadt Millinery 

Audrey Pincus 

Leo Oliva

Zeke Spector

Jane Pincus

Track “Don’t Be a Fool” includes samples Mtume’s “Prime Time”

Filmed on Location in Brooklyn, NY




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